How to build a simple online sales funnel?

by Taras Kim | 08 Apr, 2020 | Advertising
How to build a simple online sales funnel?
Quick Summary ↬ A simple way to build a sales funnel using special tools and channels. Learn about all the stages of the sales funnel to understand what is it.

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or just starting a carrier as a professional Online Marketer and you are looking for ways to bring new customers into the business, you are at the right place.

So what is a sales funnel?

Sales funnels is actually a great way to show a sales plan. Mostly to sell to a person is not just show them ads once or even twice. That should be a process where leads go through a few steps in the funnel to get to the point where they finally make a purchase of your product or service.

Sales Funnel stepsOnline Sales Funnel Infographics

Depending on your business and industry and other factors these steps can be different, but here a will explain the most obvious ones.


The first step in most of the funnels, especially if it is a new business is awareness. Here is your potential customer who just finds out about your existence. A quick explanation in a few words of what your business does and how it can help your lead is a great start on the way to sell. Of course, the first message to your leads depends fully on your advertising strategy, but in most cases, a simple introduction is what you need.


This stage of the funnel is explained itself. Interest in product or service you are trying to sell is the first win. It can be really different for every business depending on the industry, but mostly the person who shows any activity is already in this stage, whether he or she clicks ads and proceed to your landing page, you can use remarking for future steps, or visitor provides email, anything you can use in the future for sales is already something.


At this step, we are providing our leads with information about your product or service and expect them to know what is your brand about. Leads should start considering your brand to solve its problem. At this step, you mostly send a series of messages (emails, phone messages, calls) providing important information that will make your lead to consider you as a solution.


When leads already consider buying your product or service you need to give the last push. It can be done through website chat, or through social media channels, you can receive a call or call yourself, send an email or phone message Anything can be useful to make a sale happen.


That’s the moment you have been working so hard for. Finally a lead, after getting enough information about your brand start trusting you and makes a purchase of your service or product. At this stage, you have to make sure you get enough information and keep your customer update to make sure he comes back or spreads the word.

Which tools to use to build sales funnel?

The first useful application needed to help you create this funnel visually. There are a lot of free tools that can help you draw your funnel, for example, SketchBoard . Such tools are simple ways to visually understand your funnel and improve it on the way.

The next step is marketing automation tools. Emails, web push notifications, and phone messages are easy to automate and web applications like Mailchimp or SendPulse can easily help you with that.

Another very important tool is a CRM system. It simply helps you keep all the information about leads. There are also a lot of important features like task management, chats, web forms and etc… Consider something like Hubspot or more specific CRM for your industry like Moving CRM.

After you figured about what is a sales funnel, planned it and choose what tools to use to make it work you have to actually start doing it.

When you draw a funnel you the best way to understand what is going to work best for your specific niche you have to right own all the possible ways for you to get that leads. After you figured out what channels you are going to use (social or search ads, social media, youtube, cold email and etc..) you have to create it.

Online advertising

Creating and executing an online advertising campaign whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google or Pinterest it requires some knowledge and experience, another way you can throw a lot of money in the air.

 Creating catching ad content is another difficult task, which is going to be even more difficult for the person without any experience. Hiring a professional can solve this problem.

Email campaign

Automating email campaigns is another difficult task you can find on your way. Using one of the tools a described above can help you automate sending Emails to your prospects. These tools are not very difficult to use but still require some knowledge and experience.

Landing Page

Creating a useful landing page to sell is vital. Getting your projects to the landing page is one step, convince them to sign up or purchase is another very important step which can be handled only by professional landing page service.

These are a little part of knowledge that required to create online sales funnel and remember, to make it really work well, you need to constantly track and improve it

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