What is Web Development?

Web Development Services
Web Development is the process of creation a website or web application that is used in internet. Developing even a one small page in the web is also a web developing process. Usually Web Development refers to coding and do not include design aspect of website or web application creation.

Types of Web Development

Website Development


eCommerce development


CRM Development


Website Development

Landing Page

eCommerce development


CRM Development

Custom Software

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How we do Web Development

There are a lot of ways of creating websites and web applications, using different programming languages and frameworks. As of me i have experience working with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Python, Javascript. PHP and Python is used for creating backend for your website and is not required in case when you need to create something simple. For example Content Management System WordPress is created using php, and Wix created with Python. To create a simple one page website or landing page it will be enough to use HTML and CSS. As you may heard there are frameworks and libraries like bootstrap or JQuery that simplify some of the regular web development processes and help to speed up the whole process.
Me and my team use Framework Laravel based on PHP language to create websites. It helps to make quick adjustments and keep up with on going SEO work to rank your website higher. We use some bootstrap or Tailwind elements for Front End Development and of cource JavaScript. For JS developmet we usually use Vue JS - The Progressive JavaScript Framework.

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