How to do Social Media Marketing?

by Taras Kim | 11 Mar, 2020 | SMM
How to do Social Media Marketing?
Quick Summary ↬ Find out how to start SMM for your business, which tools to use. Wondering about advertising on Social? You can find this information here as well.

If you already know the answer to the question “What is Social Media Marketing?” you probably wondering how it’s done. SMM can help your business to build or upgrade your Brand, keep in touch with your favorite customers, or bring new.

In the era of social media when people spend hours on websites and applications like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.. You as a business owner can't just ignore it. The study says, that 63% of customers expect a customer service provided through social media channels (Smart insights).

So, where to start? The most important first step in SMM is to define which social media channels are going to work best for your business.

First, you need to clearly understand your audience - age, interests, etc.. Secondly, you need some statistics on popular Social Media.

Popular Social Media Channel’s Statistics

  • Facebook Audience
    • 74% of Facebook users visit the site daily
    • Most User’s age is between 18-49 years
    • 180 million users in the USA
  • Instagram Audience
    • 63% of Instagram users visit the site daily
    • Most User’s age is between 18-49 years
    • 120 million users in the USA
  • Twitter Audience
    • 9% of Twitter users visit the site daily
    • Most User’s age is between 18-49 years
    • 60 million users in the USA
  • Linkedin audience
    • 12% of Linkedin Users visit the site daily
    • Most User’s age is between 18-64 years
    • 160 million users in the USA

Such kind of statistics can also help you decide on different strategies for each Social Media Channel - what time works best to reach more viewers, what kind of content they prefer (video, image, text), what type of advertising solutions they have, etc..

I understand that in most cases dealing with such information and building strategy for your business’s social media marketing can be tough. It requires marketing knowledge and of course experience, that’s why choosing the right agency or SMM manager may be a great solution for you.

But if you are still here and crave to get more information - here it is!

One of the most challenging parts after you determine a strategy for your business in Social Media is that you have to keep on doing it. Whether it’s twice a day or once a week, you have to keep posting your content. Consistency is everything. To help with that, there are great web solutions that provide auto-posting features, social media calendars, etc…

What is Social Media Management Tools?

There are web applications that can provide you great Social Media posting automation. It helps to manage your job perfectly using SMM Calendar, schedule posts, and even automate advertising, but we gonna talk about it later. 
The question is which tool is most comfortable to use, or has a better price?

Here are a few popular social media management applications for you:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • SproutSocial
  • Sendible
  • And many more…

Most of these tools have a free trial and after they charge a monthly fee depending on how many social media you use and how often you post. Most of these applications are decent and differences are the website’s interface, some additional features, and other small things. I use Hootsuite, but only because it’s one of the first programs on the market, but I also tried SproutSocial and Buffer and they are pretty good as well.

Such tools will include features like schedule and auto-posting and that’s pretty much all you need to keep posting regularly.

After you decide on a tool the next challenge on your way is to find out what content to post.

What Content to Post?

The most obvious way is to provide some information in your posts on your business’s product or if it’s a service, shed some light on your working process, but this is only something you can schedule on regular basis.

One of the ideas is to keep track of social media trends and participate in them ( ex. ice bucket challenge). It will help you get extra views and likes for your text, image, or video posts.

Use hashtags, it will help the right audience to find you and get additional engagements.

Make some special days for something special like “Tuesday Quotes” or something similar, so your readers will wait for it and it will get more engagement.

Videos in Social Media are the most engaging content that gives great exposure for your brand. Making high-quality videos can be difficult, that’s why I suggest using professionals that can help you.

And here is one of the best features for every business in Social Media - advertising.

Social Media Advertising

First of all, there are a couple of ways you can do ads for your business in Social Media. Promoting posts yourself is a great way to waste your money on nothing. Every advertising campaign needs a goal and it has to be managed to make improvements, that’s why hiring a professional is essential if you are looking for results.

Every business can benefit differently from ads in social media - some can get clients, others build brand awareness.

Advertising in social media must be a part of any SMM strategy and promoting posts is only a little part of it. Remarketing is a great way to reach your website users in social media, it’s an affordable way to increase your ROI if you buy leads for your website. Promoting posts for a specific audience and if your content is worth viewing it can help you reach new followers and clients.

Another large part of Advertising Campaigns in Social Media is reaching the audience through Influencers. It became so big that it already takes its part in Marketing.

Influencer’s Marketing

The final part of this post is going to be about the last most popular trend in the Marketing world. Influencers are celebrities in Social Media. These people can give your brand everything or anything. Finding the right influencer is a task for a marketer who can build for you the right audience and it must be a part of any social media marketing campaign. Reaching customers through social media celebrities can give your business a lot of followers and clients if it’s done right.

In the end, I suggest not to waste your time on things that you are not supposed to do and if you are a business owner you need to find right professionals to make your Social Media rock or become a one 😉

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